Old Friends

This is a somewhat sentimental tune. I am playing a lot of chords and I certainly have to practice chord improvisation more. When you just play slow melody, you can feel the next suitable note pretty easily, but with chords the harmony has to be thought over as well. I am doing my best here, but in some places the bass and especially the middle tones sound out of place.

Overall I still like this one very much. A good friend of mine recommended to structure the improvisation a little bit more carefully, and I still have to learn much in that regard. I am trying to come back to original chords during this improvisation to make it easier for the listener as he can hear something familiar later in the tune.

Mysterious Occupation

I have been practicing volume swelling throughout the years but never did it systematically. It is a bit tricky to play these notes in beat with metronome, so I have to do it in free rythm. A good exercise that I need to do is just to play scale, fading in each note, with very slow metronome beats. The goal is to make sure that you start fading in the volume almost instantaneously when picking the note, so that the first sound comes right with the metronome tick.

I also really like adjusting the volume on the guitar, without touching the effect circuit. This is a very old (1971) Japanese strat, with original pick ups that are very responsive to such adjustments, allowing for variety of sounds.

A Walk in the Park

I decided to record a short improvisation each day in order to come up with new musical ideas and challenge my musical thinking. Working on technique is very important, but putting it into spontaneous music is the goal for me.

I will try to set different challenges in my improvisations to work on my weakest areas in guitar playing.

In this short improvisation I am just starting with a very simple melody, gradually building it up. The problem that I can clearly identify is that different parts of the melody are not connecting very well to each other. I am having hard time playing close variations of the original melody as I do not remember it precisely, note to note. I have to train my ear much more in order to be able to do it.