Long Road

“Hey, Ho, Let’s go” was the first idea that came to mind when I was naming this improvisation, but then I realized that I already heard it somewhere… :)

This is an easy rock drum pattern and I love to play some simple riffs with it. As usual, I am getting lost in my ideas later on, as I variate the hell out of the original riff.


Sometimes it is good to be alone. In music just the same. You can lead the melody and follow it at the same time, developing it much further. It does not matter where the melody takes you – there is no need to be afraid of uncharted grounds. You can make all the mistakes you want, change the rhythm , change tonality. You can pause and wait a couple seconds, catch your breath and then move on.

Mischievous Kind

This is a fun melody! Sometimes when you start an improvisation a melody just develops itself accidentally from the first notes you play, and then you just have to follow it, adding variations and experimenting with it.

I really like staccato feel in this one and clean guitar sound – even the sound of the pick on the strings that my camera’s microphone is picking up.

Full Moon

I imagine wolfs howling at the moon when listening to this improvisation. Sometimes aggressively, sometimes full of sorrow, but always with a lot of hunger. When I played it, it seemed I could not get enough notes, wanting more and more. Slowing down in the middle, just to catch the breath, and then proceeding with more aggression (and mistakes – of course).


Wait For Me

I really like quick runs in this improvisation, as if it hurries somewhere but then slows down a bit, waiting for the listener. Even though I am recording the guitar through cheap photo camera with in-built microphone, I like the sound here. I turned off the tone almost all the way down, making it much more mellow than usual for a Stratocaster.